Welcome To The Lilac City Tournament!

Welcome to the website of one of the Largest Independently owned Bowling Tournaments in America! We are wrapping up all the necessary items with our 2016 Tournament and reviewing quite a few things in preparation for our 2017 Lilac City Tournament. I truly appreciate all of the feedback from our bowlers and will be addressing quite a few issues for this year. With some changes made by USBC, I will be again adjusting some of our rules to alleviate problems we have come across. I also feel some adjustments to our Prize structure are needed to enhance our payout so that more bowlers get a bigger piece of the pie.

As stated prior, we have a new tournament program that we were hoping to use in 2016. There were still some issues with it and once our 2016 tournament got under way, we chose to use our older system to avoid any issues. It will go live for this year and should enhance both our usage and the information that you as a bowler desire, specifically current standings. As time permits I will begin compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions to explain what goes on in the background here in our office, decisions on rules and other items that dictate how our tournament runs.
I also encourage you to visit our Facebook Page for information and other Lilac news.

As always we sincerely appreciate the support and interest from all of our bowlers. Thank you all so much and check back often!

2017 Lilac City Tournament

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - Sunday, July 2, 2017

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2017 Lilac No-Tap Tournament

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Over $500,000 Paid Out In Lilac Events In 2016!!

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Team Events

AMF Gates Lanes
645 Spencerport Rd.
Rochester, NY 14606
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Doubles & Singles

AMF Terrace Garden Lanes
1151 Ridgeway Ave.
Rochester, NY 14615
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