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A Note from The Tournament Director

Want to know what we do? See our About page! While it may be far from standard, I use our home page as more of a personal and informative link for our bowlers. Why? Without them we’re nothing! That being said:


 After 2 years off from COVID we came back and you were there. With some adjustments for 2023, the tournament saw a very respectable increase in entry and our Prize Lists mirrored that! As you know, we Guarantee most all of our 1st Place prizes. When we do that, it also dictates that 2nd place must be half of 1st. It’s been years since I was happy with what was left for 3rd place down. This year in most all events the payoff from 3rd place down increased dramatically from previous years!
See for yourself as the 2023 Official Prize Lists are now available here.

This will only get better and better with the path we are on!

Our most sincerest THANK YOU! to all of our bowlers and group leaders. The positive response towards our tournament and the many compliments we receive are heartwarming. I’ve also received so many compliments reflecting the operation of ABC Gates Bowl, and I concur! This is solely due to Russ Vallone and Kelvin Parker who operate the center, have employed a fantastic and dedicated staff, and will not settle for being anything less than being the best. It is the most refreshing experience running our tournament at their center.

And one more THANK YOU! and that goes to my staff. I am very blessed to have such a dedicated, efficient, and highly personable group of people under my wing. Most of them started when I had a full head of hair and come back year after year, which still amazes me! But the person I owe much of our success to is our Tournament manager Bonnie. Not only can she run things blindfolded, but can also finish any sentence I start. The Lilac is not the only thing I’m involved in and with Bonnie
steering the ship, I never have to worry…about anything!

Here’s looking towards another great LILAC CITY TOURNAMENT in 2024!

Take care of yourself and each other,
Ray, Bonnie and the entire Lilac staff.

2024 Lilac City Tournament


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2024 Lilac No-Tap Tournament


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