Lilac City Tournament - We're Back for 2022!!

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UPDATE   August, 2021

To all of our bowlers,

We have all had an unprecedented and tough past two years. The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned most of our lives upside down.
To all of you that have suffered, lost loved ones, and have struggled through this horrifying time, you have our most sincere condolences.
Let us all pray that this comes to an end and that the Delta, and any new variants, can be handled swiftly and effectively.

We have been idle since the 2019 event, and completely shut our offices down. The good news is that we plan to be back in the office this September
to gear up for our 2022 events. We have a lot of work to do as we have to prepare the tournament for a whole new world.

We are making quite a few necessary changes to our structure and format. The most notable and something I am really looking forward to, is that we are holding all of our events at ABC Gates Bowl. For those of you who haven’t heard, the center is under new management and is absolutely beautiful.
Kelvin Parker and Russ Vallone have completely renovated the center. New scoring, bathrooms, bar area, carpet, paint….the works!
The best part is that they are bowling people and have staffed the center with the same. It is refreshing and just a joy to walk into the building!
Our thanks to them for not only creating a true bowling environment, but for welcoming us back to run our events in their facility.

In addition to this change, we will initially be working on scheduling the events to accommodate running at one center, looking at possible rule changes and event structure with focus on issues the pandemic caused and the anticipated entries.
We have not yet set starting and ending dates for the tournament as these issues must be dealt with first.
Once the schedule is solidified, we will be contacting squad leaders and accepting reservations. We ask for your patience with this.

We will update this website and post notifications on our Facebook page once we sort out the details. Until then, we hope you all stay safe and healthy. We are looking forward to this upcoming year and hope to bring you the best Lilac City Tournament ever!

Take care of each other,
Ray, Bonnie and the entire Lilac staff.

2022 Lilac City Tournament

April 29, 2022 thru July 3, 2022

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2022 Lilac No-Tap Tournament

April 29, 2022 thru July 3, 2022

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Over Half a Million Dollars Paid Out in Lilac Events Annually!!

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Team Event and Doubles & Singles

AMF Gates Lanes
645 Spencerport Rd.
Rochester, NY 14606

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