Lilac City Tournament - Our 2022 Tournament
Was Awesome!!

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A Note from The Tournament Director

To all of our bowlers,

Thank you all for your continued support and rejoining us for our 2022 events! We enjoyed this year immensely and appreciate all the positive remarks concerning the tournament's return and the center.  Speaking of the center, our “Thanks” again to
Russ Vallone, Kelvin Parker and the entire management team and staff at ABC Gates Bowl. They not only made it a joy to run the event there but were the most accommodating group of bowling people one could hope for.
My staff and I are extremely grateful and looking forward to next year!

Our congratulations go out to all of our winners this year as well as to those who threw all of the honor scores,
some being their first! So much great bowling! 

I will be updating the site with dates for the upcoming 2023 tournament as well as any other information in the near future. Notifications will also be posted on our Facebook page.
Until then our best wishes for a safe and happy Holiday season!

Take care of each other,
Ray, Bonnie and the entire Lilac staff.

2023 Lilac City Tournament

April 22 thru July 9, 2023

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2023 Lilac No-Tap Tournament

April 22 thru July 9, 2023

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Team Event and Doubles & Singles

ABC Gates Bowl
645 Spencerport Rd.
Rochester, NY 14606

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