About Us

For over 50 years the Lilac City Tournament has offered the chance for amateur bowlers across the country to compete for over a

Half a Million Dollars in Prize Money! We are an amateur bowling tournament with divisions for Men, Women, and Mixed with Team and Doubles events. We also offer Men’s and Women’s Singles Events as well as additional Bonus events such as 6-Game Combine and Bonus Singles,

which are entered when bowling Doubles and Team events.

All events are handicapped based on your league average so if you bowl in a league, you're good enough to bowl and win big in the

Lilac City Tournament!! We also operate our satellite tournament, The Lilac No-Tap alongside our main event for those of you who hate corner pins.

All of our events are held at beautiful ABC Gates Bowl here in Rochester, NY with dates in 2024 of April 20th through July 7th.

Our goal is to give you the best tournament experience possible while maintaining the highest level of integrity and fairness that you deserve when visiting us here in Rochester. See our current entry form once available for details and dates on this year’s tournament!

Wishing you the best in Bowling!!