Entry Forms

The 2024 Entry Forms for the Lilac City Tournament and the
Lilac No-Tap Tournament are available here!

Forms will be downloaded as a .pdf document which you can print out and use to submit your entry. As a convenience and to save you from using up your color cartridges, I have uploaded each form in Black & White. Please feel free to call our office should you encounter any problems and we will be happy to mail you an Entry Form! A link, should you need Adobe Reader, is also provided.

PLEASE! Print the Entire Entry Form for informational purposes and complete Rules. The Rules are also available separately on this site in a format that's a little easier to read. We hate having an issue because someone violated a rule but quite frankly,
"I didn't know!" is not a valid or acceptable excuse! Help us by protecting your eligibility!

Thank You!

Lilac City Tournament

PDF Download

No-Tap Tournament

PDF Download

Declaration Form

PDF Download


Adobe PDF will work on Mac, UNIX, DOS, and Windows