Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are there for the 2022 Lilac Tournament?

To our Bowlers. The purpose of this is to alert you and explain some changes that will be implemented for our 2022 Lilac City Tournament.

   Venue: We will now be holding all events at ABC Gates Bowl, 645 Spencerport Rd in Rochester, NY. This is where the Doubles and Singles event has
   been held the past few years. It is under new management and now locally owned and we are very happy with all the improvements that have been

   Scheduling:  As all events are under one roof, scheduling is being done to facilitate the maximum entries per weekend among other things. Please have
   patience and understanding as we know many groups were consistent year to year as to the time and day you bowled each event, but we no longer
   have a full schedule for each event as we did when running at two centers. Our standard schedule is as follows:

                  Friday at 7:00pm-Doubles and Singles.  Saturday at 8:00 and 11:15am-Doubles and Singles,
                  Saturday at 3:15pm-Team Event, Sunday at 8:00am-Team Event, Sunday at 12:30pm-Doubles and Singles.

   Additional squads will be added on our busier weekends in order to facilitate the number of entries and our oiling practice.
   This will be our base schedule.

   Events:  Lilac: With the exception of Women’s Team Event, we will be offering all the same events as in the past. Women’s Team will now be combined
   with Mixed Team. As you know, we guarantee our prize funds. Entries in Women’s Team event have consistently dropped to where we had to add
   significant  money in order to pay out the prize fund. Lowering first place low enough to make it self-sustaining would be embarrassingly low.
   The 2022 Mixed/Women’s Team Event can be entered by either teams of 5 women, or mixed as before with a 3/2 ratio.

   No-Tap: Due to the issue of scheduling the No-Tap around the Lilac, we are making it a “Singles Only” Event as it was years ago. Please call for
   availability for the weekend you and/or your group are scheduled to bowl.

   1st Place Guarantees: All 1st Place prizes have been reduced based on a projected entry. No one likes to hear this and I did not want to do it but there
   is too much uncertainty looming. Two years without running the tournament due to Covid, and now we have a new variant spreading with mandates
   and restrictions  already being imposed. There are no guarantees of where we will be come April and we must consider a lower entry due to possible
   closures of businesses and the border to Canada. I have to limit our exposure should things get worse. The good thing is that only one person/team
   wins first place. I believe they are still respectable and 100% of all prize money is paid out, which means more money further down the prize list if
   things go well.

   Entry Fees:  Entry fees have remained unchanged at $45 per event. However, cost of operations keeps climbing and we must reduce our expenses
   wherever possible to maintain a viable business. One major expense has been credit card fees that, with bank charges and additional fees from the
   card companies themselves, have grown consistently. As of our 2022 tournament, there will now be a 3% Processing Fee added to all payments made
   by credit card. It is a convenience for both parties, and is a business expense for us, but our costs are well above the 3% we are charging.

   Contact Information: Having been shut down for the past 2 seasons, we had our internet and phones on hold to protect our phone numbers and
   static IP. Without our knowledge, the account came off “hold” and we lost everything. We were able to access where our main phone number was
   and had that activated and then switched to our current provider. Our main office number remains as 585-247-2590. We were unable to retrieve our
   toll free number. Rather than “800”, our new number is 877-36-LILAC.

What oil pattern do you use for your events?

The patterns we use for the Lilac City Tournament are modified Kegel recreational patterns of my design. I use different patterns for each, one for Team and one for Doubles & Singles. For the No-Tap I use a pattern that is a little less forgiving. We do not give out or post the patterns as we are an amateur event. I do not feel posting would be fair as that would give an advantage to those who understand patterns or may be in a situation to load the pattern into a machine at their center to practice on. The majority of our bowlers, I feel, would not benefit in that regard. This is also why we allow a few minutes of practice to warm up and try a few different approaches to the pattern.

The USBC has banned some bowling balls. Are you enforcing this?

(UPDATED as of 4/2/22) Yes and No! For example, in March 2022 the USBC removed the Storm Spectre and certain Purple Hammers from the Approved Ball list for use in USBC Certified events. As a USBC Certified tournament, we must enforce these decisions. Note that while this ban includes ALL Spectre bowling balls, the Purple Hammer in this case only affects those manufactured by Ebonite in 2016 and 2017. These are designated by having a 6 or 7 as the first digit in the serial number. A couple of weeks later, 6 more bowling balls were affected. They are the Storm Phaze 4, Storm Electrify Solid, Storm Trend 2, 900 Global Altered Reality, 900 Global Wolverine and Roto Grip UFO Alert. The difference is, they are only banning these 6 for use in USBC National events. I have a feeling that this may be an ongoing practice, so in an effort to provide some clarity with respect to the Lilac City Tournament,
I will take the following stance.

We are only banning those bowling balls that the USBC has deemed illegal for use in ALL USBC Certified competition. (ie Spectre and 2016-17 Purple Hammer to date) If they just enforce the ban for their national events, but allow a ball’s use in league competition, and at the discretion of other events such as ours, I’m good with that and will allow them here.

All bowling balls non-approved by USBC will be listed in our tournament office. We encourage everyone to check their equipment and if in doubt, seek out the advice of your local pro shop prior to bowling our events. If in doubt, feel free to call our office. There is also a list of non-conforming bowling balls can also be obtained from the USBC at